Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surveys For Big Money

Surveys For Big Money

So I've been on a quest to harvest even more opportunities from the field of Paid Consumer Research. While taking surveys is by far the easiest money a person can make, it's not necessarily the most fun or lucrative. I mean, it's okay. I still take 10-12 surveys a day, as each income stream is relevant and important. But I'm kind of looking at this whole consumer research thing as a business, and almost every business has several components. McDonald's, for example, wouldn't get very far if the Big Mac was the only item on the menu... no drinks, no fries, no ice cream, no Chicken McNuggets, etc. So we all need variety if we're truly going to be successful.

Product Testing and Focus Groups have been huge for me, but they can be a little sparse in their availability. I only qualify for two focus groups per month, on average. I test products more frequently, but the payouts are considerably smaller. Want numbers? I make about $250-300 a month (or more) from focus group participation and another $150 (or more) from product testing, for a total of $400-450, maybe even $500 a month.

I do approximately $300-350 a month taking surveys. So for around 40-50 hours of my time Per Month, I take in around $800, sometimes more. (I could do much better, but Internet Marketing is my "real job" and is where I spend the bulk of my time and effort!). But survey money is just so easy to earn. Just answer questions. No boss. No overhead. No experience, special skills, or education required. It's the the most hassle-free way to start making money on your own terms that I've ever come across!

But even still, it's only just the tip of the consumer research iceberg. Some new opportunities to consider are:

I personally won't engage in all of these activities, I must admit. That would cut into my Online Marketing time, and that's my real passion (Not to mention where the HUGE money is).

But if I were to make a full-on career of consumer research, I would certainly implement all of the above, and any more I could find. I will probably actually pick up the whole Paid To Submit Digital Photos thing, as I do like to take pictures, and more importantly, I like residual income.

Webmasters need freelancers like us to supply them with our "average" pics for a good price.

Actual photo websites will buy our pics from us for resale, then give us royalties on all of their sales!

This is a whole new income stream, people! I'm excited to get started and encourage you to do the same.

In any case, if you haven't started with surveys and focus groups, you're really missing out, in my opinion. I literally pay my rent and electric bill with my survey income! So I recommend that you Start With That, and then come visit me again and we can branch out from there.

But that's merely a recommendation. By all means, do this how YOU want to do it. Work as much as you want, whenever you want, however you want. And start anywhere you want to start.

I've provided you the resources and a brief example of the possibilities at your disposal. What you do with this information is your choice. And isn't it great to have such a choice?

Click Here if you choose to start with surveys, focus groups, or product testing.

Click Here if you choose to start with digital photos.

Click Here if you choose to start with video games. (This is very time consuming, so you've gotta LOVE to play!)

Click Here if you choose to start with mystery shopping and dining.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Surveys For Big Money

Surveys For Big Money

Surveys For Big Money

Paid to eat? Paid to drive? Paid to shop? Online Surveys For Big Money? Is this stuff for real?

There sure is a lot of debate surrounding whether or not it's possible to really cash in like all the hundreds of "list providers" out there claim it is. I've seen the word "scam" thrown around so much that even I, someone who has cashed in to some extent, began to doubt. Until my next check came in.

Listen, by no means whatsoever is there anything even remotely "scammy" about online surveys. And by the same token, there is no way in hell you're going to get rich with this opportunity. It's just not mathematically possible. If you want huge money, try online marketing. It requires more from you, but that's where the big bucks are! Don't expect that from surveys.

What you can expect is a fun variety of tasks that earn you some nice extra income. If you design your life in such a way that your expenses are fairly low, you can even support yourself with surveys and other research opportunities. Support yourself from home just answering questions? Yeah. It's super easy. And it's totally possible.

What you want to do is Join Online Best Surveys. They will supply you with a list of over 700 research companies. To join, you will need to spend $39. This is a one-time fee. In fact, it is the only time you will ever need to spend a penny throughout the entire process. It's well worth the small investment, as it would take you months, if not longer, to acquire a list of 700+ research companies.

--> Click Here To Get Started! <-- 

Then, you'll need to sign up with as many research companies from that list as you possibly can. Now this can be a little daunting, as you'll be filling in the same info over and over again, i.e. name, address (to receive checks), employment status, education level, and other basic demographics.

To make this a more enjoyable process for you, Online Best Surveys will give you FREE form-filling software. You'll fill your information in once, then each time you go to a research company's registration page, you'll need only push one button to fill out their form! So easy.

And that's really what that 39 bucks is all about. They make it just so darned easy for you to start making money without a lot of hassle. It's great! I recommend you make the small investment, as you can make it back in your first day taking surveys.

There are also some hidden benefits I've not yet disclosed here. How about using products you would normally buy... for FREE, then actually getting paid for your feedback? I recently got a month's supply of body wash (three different kinds - all really good) to sample (all sent via USPS, postage paid!). So I saved myself money I would have normally spent on soap, got some really good benefits from the body wash itself (soft, good-smelling skin and such), and received a $15 check in the mail to boot! 

I get checks in the mail all the time. Some are for a couple bucks. Some are for $20, $40, $60... The coolest thing is that I forget I have money coming. Most of my checks are surprises! If I were to do the survey thing full time, I imagine I would probably make $1750-2000 per month or so. Maybe more. But as I've mentioned before, that would cut into my Online Marketing career, and I just ain't havin' that! 

Now none of the figures above include all the cash and prize drawings available that you can earn entries for with each completed survey. I've seen prizes as small as $10 and as large as $5000!  iPods, laptops, motor scooters, vacations, and gift certificates are some of the more popular prizes you will qualify to win.  Your chances of winning skyrocket if you do this stuff full time!

There are so many benefits to doing this for a living.  The benefits are both obvious (no boss, annoying coworkers, or rigid schedule) and subtle (FREE products, consumer influence, etc.). And while I am in no way qualified to give tax advice, if you take this all the way and literally make it a business for yourself... well, let's just say there could be benefits in that department, too!

By the way, this is all risk-free. Online Best Surveys offers you an iron-clad money back guarantee.  I promise you, you'll never use it!  Again, you should be able to make your 39 bucks back in the first day or two!

I hope this has answered some of your questions and gotten you excited to try something new and take online Surveys For Big Money.

I trust you will succeed with this opportunity and will have a heck of a lot of fun in the process!

Now go take some Surveys For Big Money!  Consumer Research can truly set you free! 

Thank you for reading.